Search the Web Using Your Voice


If you do not have Microsoft® SAPI speech recognition component installed program will
ask you to download it.

Click here to download SpeechEngine Setup


Please launch MicWizard after the installation. It will dramatically improve speech recognition.

Voice-Recognition Training

Remeber, when you have installed Microsoft SAPI speech recognition component you need to launch training. After the training it will be easier for program to recognize your voice.

The more you use VoiceSearcBar the better it recognizes your speech.

Voice Commands

Your VoiceSearchBar understands following Voice Commands:

Search - this command will process your search request and you will receive search results.

Clear - this command clears all entered words.

Delete - this command deletes the last entered word.


Speech Recognition

Problem: VoiceSearchBar can not recognize my speech

1st Solution: Launch voice recognitiong training.

2nd Solution: VoiceSearchBar recognizes speech word by word, divide
phrase to words and then enter them word by word.

Microsoft SAPI

Problem: Microsoft SAPI is not installed.

Solution: Click here to download Microsoft SAPI here.

Sound Card Driver

Problem: Driver for sound is not installed.

Solution: Install driver.


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