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1. What is the idea?
At first, we wanted to create Search Engine which is operated by voice but then decided to start with a bar which allows you to use voice search in one of the best Search Engines – Google™.

VoiceSearchBar uses free Microsoft® SAPI speech recognition component which allows
you to use a voice recognition for free.

So the formula is simple

Google™ Search + Microsoft® SAPI + IE Toolbar = VoiceSearchBar.com

We want to change the idea of web search. And VoiceSearchBar can revolutionize the
whole concept of the search in Internet.

Let's make this revolution together! Join the revolution - download your VoiceSearchBar now!

We dedicated this website to Bill Gates:

“In five years, Microsoft expects more Internet searches to be done
through speech than through typing on a keyboard"

2. Who are you?
We are team of developer (Dmitry Chaplay) and designer (Vitaly Pedchenko) from Kiev, Ukraine. We have a lot of interesting ideas, so this isn’t our last project.

3. What does your bar do?
VoiceSearchBar is developed for automatic speech recognition of a user requests and input of them into a Google Search Engine for a search. VoiceSearchBar  uses a voice recognition module and converts your speech request into a text search request.

4. Is it free?
Yes, it is absolutely free and uses free voice computer speech recognition component by Microsoft.

5. Do you have version of your toolbar for a Firefox, Opera or Safari?
No, at the moment there is version only for Internet Explorer. We plan to release versions other browsers.

6. How can I use your bar?
Download it it and install on your PC. After this program will ask you to download and install Microsoft SAPI voice recognition component. When installed you will be able to use it in your browser.

7. I have an idea (question, offer, co-operation offer), how can I contact you?
Please send us an e-mail to info@voicesearchbar.com

8.We are looking for sponsors/investors/advertisers.
We are looking for sponsors/investors/advertisers which can support development of the VoiceSearchBar.

Logo of the sponsor will be displayed on all pages and in each downloaded toolbar.

More than 10 000 of users have already installed VoiceSearchBar.

Please send proposals and questions to to info@voicesearchbar.com

Thank you!

Dmitry Chaplay
Vitaly Pedchenko


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