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Speech (voice) Recognition in Telephony and other domains

ASR in the field of telephony is now commonplace and in the field of computer gaming and simulation is becoming more widespread. Despite the high level of integration with word processing in general personal computing, however, ASR in the field of document production has not seen the expected increases in use.

The improvement of mobile processor speeds made feasible the speech-enabled Symbian and Windows Mobile Smartphones. Current speech-to-text programs are too large and require too much CPU power to be practical for the Pocket PC. Speech is used mostly as a part of User Interface, for creating pre-defined or custom speech commands. Leading software vendors in this field are: Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Voice Command); Nuance Communications (Nuance Voice Control); Vito Technology (VITO Voice2Go); Speereo Software (Speereo Voice Translator). MyCaption for BlackBerry (http://www.mycaption.com)

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